Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prime Pimped

[MP Accessory Kit: roll out, like for real]
Written by GL

Everyone pretty much agrees that the Transformers Masterpiece line up is darn near to the coolest Transformers re-creations ever manufactured. However, the focus of today's entry is for your Masterpiece Optimus Prime and / or Ultra Magnus.

This custom accessory set for the MP-04 and MP-02 features an MP-scale Roller to complete your MP-04 trailer, and also a nifty rifle for your MP-02 Magnus.

We all know that the Masterpiece collection packaging is huge and awesome at the same time - let's hope that this kit doesn't come in that big a box. Complete your figure with this kit for about USD30 (or just about BND42). Now in stock at all good online dealers.