Monday, January 19, 2009

He's Back !

[Modern Skeletor: you know it !]
Written by GL

They are reviving everything nowadays - everything from Transformers and G. I. Joe to TMNT ! And now, lo and behold, the Masters Of The Universe are making a strict come-back as well.

Thanks to the big-wigs of Mattel, He-Man and his he-homies are getting new dimensions, new articulation and a whole new look to go with the New Year. And, judging from the above picture, I can't stay it's half-bad at all. Part of the MOTU Classics line, Skeletor is currently the latest in a 3 line figure release that has, to date, featured He-Man himself and Beastman - all with new garbs.

What I can't get over is how true these releases are to the original figures we used to play with, throw around and eventually burn with fireworks (or was that just me?).

All the MOTU Classics figures are going for a very affordable USD35 (or around BND50) and especially worthwhile for those collectors whom miss there original He-Man collection bad but not badly enough to shell of the hundreds and hundreds of dollar on mint vintage stuffs.

Note: all pre-orders for Skeletor are already out of stock !