Friday, December 26, 2008

Bringing In The New Year

Written by GL

Was 1984 so long ago? Where did all that time go? It seemed like only yesterday I was free-styling in and peeing into the Anggrek Desa public swimming. It seemed like only that Optimus Prime was still a new leader of a group of new robots on a new cartoon series.

It's 25 years down the line and what better way to celebrate it than with this anniversary collectible set that includes an original cast Optimus Prime figure, an Autobot shield (just coz everyone needs one), a Transformers comic book and an animated DVD! This is a huge pack, if you didn't already notice! And that's not all - you can also fire missiles at the enemy (in robot mode) or launch a roller at your target (in trailer mode) !

Let's go through the features:

Your Autobot shield comes with pre-installed speech as well as everyone's favorite conversion sound. Clip it to your belt and run around the office in pure defiance against your boss' wishes, or you could just stand it on your shelf like a normal loser.

If that doesn't tickle you pink, you could read the re-issue of the original comic book or play the 25th anniversary 'More Than Meets The Eye' DVD (DVD player not included); featuring the first three episodes of the original animated series, three desktop wallpapers and never before seen Megatron and Optimus Prime character art.

This is a gem of an item and you can expect to pay around about USD$75 (or just under BND$180) so start treating yourself for this New Year.

Update: This box set has been sighted in Brunei - around the Kiulap area to be exact.