Thursday, August 7, 2008

The New Millennium

[The Millennium Falcon: back on the market]
Written by GL

Take a knee and let me tell you a little about the good old days. The good old days were a time when cartoon heroes were cartoon heroes - they had no flaws, they always caught the bad guy and they always got the girl. The good old days were also a time when every great cartoon or show always had great toys to match.

Classic Articulation isn't what you'd call a 'Star Wars' centric online publication; however, one still has to pay respect to those play-sets that just purely rock. And, the Millennium Falcon is a hard cast example of how awesome the good old days were.

Many would say that the Millennium Falcon was the toy that never arrived when every nine-year old kid wanted it in 1977.

Hasbro has decided to relive this era with a new 2.5-foot Hasbro's Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon, built for everyone's Star Wars collection. It's probably the most realistic Falcon toy you can buy, with LEDs everywhere, sounds, movable parts, and almost every detail imaginable, minus real engines and some rims.

Check out the details bulleted below for your reading convenience:
  • Light-up cockpit with room for four figures.
  • Medical bay.
  • Secret smuggling compartments to hide from pesky Death Star crews.
  • Auto-opening boarding ramp.
  • Pivoting gunner station.
  • Crew quarters with light-up dejarik table.
  • Rotating laser turret fires two missiles and makes weapons sounds.
  • 3-missile launcher with blasting sounds.
  • Cannon that launches a "laser" missile (whatever that is.)
  • Missile-firing mini-fighter inside an opening docking bay that makes electronic boarding and flight sounds
  • Pivoting training probe with lightsaber sounds.
And it's approximately 30% percent larger than the original version of the toy.

Ever since it was introduced on the screen, the Millennium Falcon has become one of the most recognizable vehicles in movie history and one of Hasbro’s most popular toys.

Last year, the toy’s steel production mold – which was used to create hundreds of thousands of Millennium Falcon toys – suffered a crack that rendered the tool damaged beyond repair. Hasbro began creating a new mold, and used this opportunity to improve its toy’s play value by increasing the ship’s size (which now accommodates a whopping 18 action figures) and adding authentic lights and sounds; making this the most exciting cosmos fighter in the galaxy.

If you value your collection, you would want to fork out the US$179.99 (or B$244.78) for this totally retro, totally spankin' vehicle. Look for product pictures online.