Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Lantern Salute

Written by GL

Can you believe that Classic Articulation has received more than 10,000 visits already?! Neither can I. And to think, I was denied a job at a popular local newspaper as an editor.

I am as happy as a big of Skittles at the popularity of this tiny little corner-store blog. We never really expected any results out of the whole thing, and it's still a little surprising to see that - whenever we jump into our own blogs to simply check the layout and the tag-boards, we find our numbers going up. We don't think it's our moms offering they ever-lovin' support.

A big thanks goes to the fans; whose visits and return visits always seem to fill my site-counter and my heart with so much retro-joy. Also to the whole local scene for putting so much marketing and time into promoting a slowly booming online culture.

Yet, no matter how far it take it, we should always remember to stay retro, stay classic.