Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hyperthrust in 5....4....3....2....1...!

[Zapping Lasers from the Special Bike]
Written by Kal-El

Been awhile that i've posted an article here on Classic Articulation, Due to so many reasons, I was browsing along some stuff online, then it clicked me that i need to post this article on Classic Articulation, just to ease my own obsession. Many of you remember Knight Rider, The A Team and Airwolf, But with your permission, if you let me re-introduce - STREET HAWK!!

[The Man...The Machine..Streek Hawk]

Street Hawk was a short lived television series that aired back in 1985 on ABC. It lasted only one season and there were only 13 episodes ever made (Damn Shame what they did here, they should have expanded more on it). The show was about a cop name Jessie Mach who was picked to test a top secret government project called Street Hawk. His partner Norman Tuttle, the designer of the motorcycle, was in charge of the project. Jessie would cruise the streets of L.A. on the bike while Norman sat back at command center guiding Jessie. Together they would fight crime on the Streets of Los Angeles.

Street Hawk made its debut on January 4, 1985 on ABC at 9 PM EST and lasted until May 16, 1985. It's such a shame that this show didn't last longer than it did. Some say the show just came a little too late. All of the other "Super Vehicle" shows such a Airwolf and Knight Rider already had their fans and there just wasn't room left for Street Hawk.

Street Hawk had many guest appearance by actors that were not very known at the time but are now very famous. In the pilot episode the main "bad guy" was played by Christopher Lloyd who is famous for the Back to the Future movies. Also in the pilot episode was Robert Beltran who is known from his role on Star Trek: Voyager. In the episode "A Second Self", Jessie's best friend Kevin Stalker is played by George Clooney, who is now a well know actor from E.R. (Bet you didnt know that!)

[You gotta love that theme song!]

Yet it was still a shame that the show didnt last that long, only made through 13 episodes, now do you think there gonna try and do a remake of this? I'll let you think about that...Thanks for Reading.