Monday, January 14, 2008

The Orko Tip

[Orko's Retro Accessories: Poker chips for kids]
Written by GL

Remember a while back when I posted an entry asking what the monkeys these chips were for? I mean, they came together with the action figure (when I had Orko) and I never knew what the point was. I guess, being a little young back then, instruction sheets never really meant that much.

Nonetheless, a certain anonymous reader recently left a comment on this Orko post with a great outline of what it was all about:

"The magic trick was easy to put the Skeletor chip on top of the Beast-man fake chip stack, with the blue chips stacked inside that. You showed someone the yellow stack, removing the Skeletor one and then putting it back to create the illusion of a stack of yellow chips. By covering the stack with the Orko cover and tapping hard, the fake yellow stack stuck inside the cover, so that when you removed it only the blue chips remained...tip them over so they scatter for dramatic effect. Presto! You just changed yellow villain chips to blue hero chips !"

Thanks anonymous for clearing the air. If you had never left your comment, I probably would have ended up never knowing. Sharing is caring, brothers and sisters.