Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Menace

[Menasor: he wants you]
Written by GL

If we head all the way back to 1986, we'd remember the Transformers. On top of that, we'd have been witnessing a new transition in the manufacturing theme of our favorite Japanese import robots - the built-a-figure revolution.

At first, many of us were content to buy a figure and play and worship to our heart's content at the mechanics of it. That changed. And, before we knew it, manufacturers were creating pack of figures that could combine to form a larger-scale monster of a toy. We had finally reached heaven. Remember Devastator - the Decepticon cult favorite?

Now, remember Menasor.

Menasor was what you got when you combined the five Decepticons known as the Stunticons. He is immensely powerful, capable of delivering a punch with the force of 140 tons (or so they say). However, the Stunticons couldn't seem to get along with each other, so because of the these conflicting personalities, - especially between Breakdown, Drag Strip, Wildrider and Dead End and their leader, Motormaster - he is the least stable. In actually fact, Menasor could have been the ultimate Decepticon weapon if it were not for the fact that he was built out of fools.

In terms of the famous cartoon series, Menasor first appeared in the show titled 'The Key to Vector Sigma'.

Megatron ordered the Stunticons to merge after coming under attack from the Aerialbots - the Aerialbots merged to form Superion. Menasor seemingly had the upper hand; but the bad news comes in the form of a newly-repaired Omega Supreme who arrived and subsequently handed every Decepticon his behind.

After this Menasor would appear on several other occasions, seemingly displacing Devastator as the Decepticons' ultimate weapon.

After the Decepticons located a cure to a devastating cosmic rust plague, Menasor was dispatched to make sure the Autobots didn't get it themselves. This led to another battle with Superion, with Menasor being defeated. Menasor was also on hand to finish off the survivors of a car race which the Autobots were participating in. His sheer strength decimated the Autobots, but one of the human racers ran his car right into the giant combiner, allowing the Autobots to escape.

After this, he was crucial in the defeat of Starscream's Combaticons, blindsiding Bruticus and knocking him down a cliff. In the 3rd season of the cartoon, Menasor continued to make appearances, battling and defeating Devastator for an Energon cube, and later battling Defensor. After which, Menasor seems to fade away into the horizon, a forgotten character in the Decepticons' roster.

[Retro Big: awesome]

The very first incarnation, and the coolest by far, of Menasor was made in 1986. Menasor was sold in two forms; much like the other G1 combiners. Each Stunticon was sold separately (with parts to combine into Menasor included with Motormaster). A gift set including all the Stunticons and parts for Menasor was also sold.

In the early 90's, Menasor was repainted once more, all set for a new re-issue into the market. Only four Stunticons made it to the shelves, minus Motomaster. As such, Menasor was never released.