Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Six Joes

[Available For Preorder: more for your collection]
Written by GL

All new figures are being launched this coming January - another wave of those G.I. Joe revival figures for their 25th anniversary. It's such a great line, and it's a shame that I haven't even managed to start collecting these. They are practically true to form of the older retro generation plus a little bit of re-vamping on the detail and articulation of the figures. One more time: it's a great line.

This sixth wave is going to feature: two fully-armored Cobra Commanders (on the far right) as well as Beachhead, Red Ninja, a totally black Snake Eyes, a new and improved Serpentor, Rock n Roll and Torpedo.

The figures, shown above, look totally cool. They going for US$48 (or B$72) for a case of eight figures. Hunt around for the best prices.