Sunday, August 5, 2007

Poll Results: Which Was The Coolest Retro Vehicle Ever?

Written by GL

Welcome to another week, retro fans. It's another week of blogging on my side, and another week of reliving classic moments for you guys (of course, apart from the fact that we are all bothered by that boring, but necessary, thing called work).

The results are in and the winners stand and owned by two different retro vehicles: the everlasting KITT and the ever-powerful Airwolf. A big thanks to all those who took the time to vote.

Ironically enough, I agree totally with the two top winners. I wouldn't know which vehicle to pick if I were given a choice. KITT has the cool artificial intelligence thing going on (not discounting the fact that it would outshine any car going through Gadong on a Saturday night), whereas Airwolf has enough fire-power to blow up every car going through Gadong on a Saturday night. It's a tough choice.

The surprising turnout came from the die-hard fan who picked Streethawk - props to you for picking a classic, classic vehicle; a real blast from the past. And purely for that retro individual, I am inspired to do a little research into that little power bike from the 80s.

Take care, super-friends, and remember to be kind to each other on the road (there ain't to reason to be fighting).