Friday, August 3, 2007

Thanks To All 1,000 Visitors

[A Big Thanks From Kal-El & GL]
Written by GL

Since Classic Articulation started up as a conception in May, we haven't stopped trying to bring the Bruneian crowd interesting and lively articles about all the things we loved as children, growing up in this little Sultanate of ours.

We are also proud to say that we've managed to reach 1,000 visitors since our first post hit the world wide web and that is something that's (I think) very cool.

A big thanks to all the readers and retro fans out there. You've got a promise from Kal-El and I that one day, very soon, all this stuff (superheroes, toys, comics, etc.) is gonna take of right here, right next door. And we promise we'll make a really big noise about it so all y'all hear about it. Until that comes, keep the fan-hype going.

Enjoy the weekend, folks. And drop us a line anytime.