Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Technical Specifications

[Tech Spec Cards: don't stare or you'll go blind]
Written by GL

Does anyone know what Tech Spec cards are? Does anyone even remember them? I'm sure you will as soon as you see 'em. Pictured above are samples of Tech Spec cards, and these retro collectibles can be found on the original packaging of your favorite G1 characters.

As soon as I saw 'em, they brought back so many classic memories.

I remember, as a kid, I noticed these little Tech Spec cards on my Transformer boxes and had no idea what the heck they were trying to explain. I remember that each figure you bought came with a film of transparent red paper with which you'd place over the Tech Spec card to find out each particular character's powers and abilities. Now that's a great marketing idea.

Made me feel like a regular little engineer on robotics (sniff, sniff).

Doing a little surfing, I managed to find a really cool site that maintains a list of the original Tech Spec cards from the 80s, from those original packagings that we all loved so much. Check it out, just for fun, to help you in your trip down memory line:

TFArchive: Transformers G1 & G2 Tech Spec Cards

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