Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Real American Opening Intro

[Original Intro: a classic opening]
Written by GL

You can't always remember everything. And that's a fact. Sometimes you may manage to recall snippets of things and sometime you don't manage to recall something at all, no matter how much information you receive about it.

I can barely remember the G.I. Joe opening title. It is so vague in my mind that I decided to post it up for all of you out there, to help you recall how it was. Personally, I always remember toys and action figures better than I do cartoons - toys were hands-on, cartoon were a mental distraction.

The G.I. Joe intro is only a minute long and a total retro mix of narration and singing. The singing is recorded totally retro but stand no where in the category of rock or whatever. It's just the way it is. Have a look to help you pass a minute.