Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ride Into The Knight

[Knight Rider soars on your TV shows in the 80’s]
Written by Kal-El

We great respect of Retro theme this blog has present it self, GL and Myself have come to an agreement that we’ll post this entry due to what it did represented us, Our memories. I think we all still remember Knight Rider, all the years they still have managed to maintain their intellectual preservation as to their very own and well known talking car, KITT or better known as the Knight Industry Two Thousand. With the 4 season shows being over all these years, the shows are still being shown all over cable networks. It’s most popular duoin the 80's Michael Knight and KITT, both are private investigators working for the Foundation of Law & Government, led by Devon Miles and assisted by two awesome mechanics specialist Bonnie and April. I bet every kid at my age that time was imagining talking with their own cars; well at least I did with my dad’s old car. Just thought it be cool to have the car talking back to you.

[KITT’s a Pontiac Trans-Am]

KITT’s sleek exterior body shell is made out of a special molecular shell bond, His a body taken from a famous 80’s sports car, a Pontiac Trans – Am. Quite often KITT gets on Michael’s nerve but who could be impress with a car that doesn’t have an attitude. KITT’s bullet proof, capable of High speed going 200mph on normal mode, then also has a special mode call Super Pursuit Mode, where aerodynamic body parts of KITT will pop up to add more driving capabilities at high speed, allowing KITT and Michael Knight to maneuver while performing a high speed chase, able to do a Ski-Mode, Eject able seats, sliding on only one side of the car and get this, The car is able to turbo boost, it jumps!! The driving of Michael Knight in the series shows was abrasive yet also defensive driving, sliding from one corner to another, even manages to nearly destroy KITT with a head on collision with another bigger car at one point. It was awesome!!

[Knight Rider actual toyline in the 80's]

I remember going to an old shop in Kampung Sumbiling in Bandar Seri Begawan (Yup, that old) as the picture shown above, “I Had this!”, I remember back in 1984 when they sold these items back before they even start producing remote controlled cars for it. If I'm not mistaken it was only sold for about B$12 back then. It comes with a Turbo boost that enables KITT to launch at an amazing kick off start. I’m sure we have also own some of the Stickers and Album set of the Knight Rider, but also Michael Knight himself. He makes an awesome collection with KITT as well. Wish I still had them all. Thanks for moving the house, that’s how I lost it all.

[Knight Rider Remote Control Car was the “IN” thing in the 80’s]

But the most amazing part of the whole Knight Rider Series is the Remote control car that they made. The remote control car even had the front red light of KITT and the front head lights will turn up when needed. So you can imagine how much fun it was playing the remote car, sneaking pass my bedtime, with the lights off in my room, playing the Knight Rider Remote car. Too bad it doesn’t talk.

[Joyride 1:18 car scale die cast of KITT]

At this time of age, what’s left of KITT is that they have made him into a Die-cast 1:18 scale car model manufactured by Joyride. This would make an excellent collection for those who fancy car models. Although I still wouldn't mind owning again the old remote controlled car like the one I used to own. I miss my KITT.

[ Stars of 1982’s Knight Rider: David Hasselhoff and KITT]

In my conclusion, I’d like this opportunity to thank and wish David Hasselhoff a Happy Birthday as it is his 55th birthday today (by coincidence) and KITT, voice by Daniel Williams (not in credits) for all the memories when I was a kid. The show totally rock, I hope there planning on making a movie out of it, with today’s new technology of magic in Movie making, I’m sure that the guys at Hollywood would be able to make an amazing comeback for KITT, after all it is the new millennium, but keep the Pontiac Trans-am and the red light on its front grill, It’s a classic.