Monday, July 2, 2007

Poll Results: Which Was Possibly The Coolest Transformer Ever (From Generation I)?

Written by GL

A big thanks to all those who voted. The results are out and the answer is probably what everyone of us here at Classic Articulation and The House Of El would have guessed it would be.

The clear winner is big red himself, Optimus Prime - quite possibly the coolest mother from Temburong to Cybertron. But, let's not dis-count the others out there, like Shockwave (runner-up for the coolest position; as well as for having the weirdest voice in the Decepticon line up - but, even Megatron doesn't dare make fun of him) and Shockwave (quite possibly the coolest gun-shaped Transformer there ever was).

Of course, there are hundreds more that could have been added to the list. Let's just say, the Transformers were an awesome bunch of house-sized fellas.