Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poll Results: I Would Cut Off And Give My Little Toe For...?

[Transform: forgot about the head though]
Written by GL

Thanks for the votes, super-friends. As you can clearly see, more of your crazies out there would prefer to be able to transform into a Mack truck (just like good, old Optimus). That's a pretty awesome ability to have, but at the size we Bruneians are, I doubt this Mack truck would be that big.

We are also glad to have at least one Star Wars fan out there who'd love to have a working light-saber. I would too, of course. On top of that, we've got one confirmed hot-blooded male who'd cut his little toe off for a date with the very fine April O'Neill. Can't argue with that.

Keep the reading and voting going, good people. I am glad to have you all aboard this retro-quest.