Thursday, July 19, 2007

KITT Get Down

[Knight Rider Opening: da-duh, da-duh, dadauh-daduh-daduh]
Written by GL

My good friend's, Kal-El's, post really below me away. I never had the KITT and Knight Rider toys, and now I'm beginning to feel a little bit of shame. I guess you can't always have everything out on the market; and after all, I was just a penniless, ignorant child.

In any case, to compliment Kal-El's awesome post, I've embedded for all you avid 80s watchdogs the opening theme to Knight Rider to observe in your own pleasure time.

I have heard people say many, many things about this intro; such as 'it's probably the best opening theme song for any show' or 'hey, wasn't this was the sample in a Busta Rhymes song?' and stuff like that. Whatever your opinion may be, I am pretty sure that you dig this intro. And I'm also pretty sure you dig KITT. And David's hair and leather pants.

Always wear your seat belts, mun paham bisai.