Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's A Bird, It's A Plan, It's Arzon

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Written by GL

I have heard many say that the Visionaries: Knights Of The Magical Light was one of the most unique and artistic creative products of 1980s cartoon culture. And the more research I do, the more and more I start to believe it. No matter the fact that it was one of the most short-lived shows of the its, the concept was still colorful and innovative.

It is only fair that we have a detailed look at each of the really cool characters created for the show. Today, we'll have a look at Arzon.

[Arzon Of The Eagle: what a show-off]

You may remember Arzon as one of the few who made it through the Wizard's trials by crossing a deep chasm by strapping Banyan (or what looks like Banyan) branches to each of arms. Of course, the chasm was created by the dirty hands of the Darkling Lords, who were attempting to foil others from completing their mission. But they could get the better of Arzon. This scene was depicted in the pilot episode of 'The Age Of Magic Begins'.

Of course, the relative success of such a method for cross deep and wide open canyons and chasm can be questioned. Half being that if you could actually do it, it'd be pretty amazing, the down-side being, if you don't you could die.

[The Eagle Totem: too cool]

And for his ability to defy the laws of gravity and simple common sense, Merklynn the Wizard bestowed upon Arzon the totem of the eagle. On top of all that, Arzon was also granted a totem staff - his was The Power Of Knowledge.

[Full Gear: time to battle]

Arzon is considered the most intelligent of the Spectral Knights. He comes from a well-educated background. He is also the most optimistic of the Knights. On top of all that, he's an animal lover - his sheer intention for partaking in the magical trials was so he could better aid the beasts and creatures of New Valarak. Honorable fellow.

As you may already know, in 1987, Hasbro only managed to release their first wave of Visionaries, which included Arzon, as well as some vehicles.

[Original Figure: take note that Arzon's costume color is lighter than in the series]

As you can see, Arzon is packaged really well. The figure features that same articulation in all of this line; it's fantastic articulation - stuff you can't find anymore today. He's packaged, of course, with a fairly basic helmet and weapon, a club resembling a four headed axe. Let's not forget his awesome totem staff as well.

And right as a cherry on top, the pure detail of the package is brilliant in painting and design, and is complete with your own back-card background synopsis of your purchase. It's ideas like that that keep kids, and kept us, coming back.

[Back-Card Info: I said it before, and I'll say it again, back-cards rock]