Friday, July 13, 2007

Higher Purchase

[Ultra Magnus: ultra retro, ultra cool even]
Written by GL

It's been a fairly good week of Transformers news, not even including all those snippets of rumors about the much anticipated 2007 movie. What a blast its been. In any case, I'll try to keep the Transformers updates on a low from now on; don't want all that popularity going straight to their heads.

This is the last bit of info I've got for you for the rest on this month. If you head over to Big Bad Toy Store online, be very sure to drop by their vintage section because they got a pretty nice line-up for collectors in stock right now. But be quick of course.

Check out the packaged (but opened) Ultra Magnus up top. He comes with the original Generation I box and all his accessories, save for 4 missiles that are missing. Apart from that, he's near mint and just aching for a collector to come and get his grubby hands on him.

In the state Ultra Magnus is in, this figure is going for US$80 or about B$120. But this ain't the only second-hand Generation I near-mint figure they've got, check it out:

Big Bad Toy Store: Vintage Department

Happy spending y'all.