Monday, June 25, 2007

Television Rots The Mind

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Written by GL

Within my circle of friends, I have been accused of being the most retro. It's an admission and accusation that I cannot deny. Might it be a psychological extension of myself linked to the fact that the 80's was, perhaps, my happiest moment in time. Probably.

The whole reason for this blog seems to be the recapturing of childhood - I suppose readers out there who return to review the posts on this site might feel the same thing. My childhood was filled with toys (spoiled, I heard you say? Damn right) of all sorts, and if I could get all those action figures, play-sets and back-cards back, I seriously would.

I remember times when you could actually watch American adverts for toys on television - in Brunei and in Singapore. Advertising companies don't seem to do this anymore; not in the Asean region anyways.

Head to:

X-Entertainment: Downloads

to see the coolest in old retro television adverts - including those for classic toys, such as the ones pictured above. In particular, I recommend you check out the Centurions one (print screened above) and the He-Man one promoting the old school character known as Man-E-Faces.

It's a real blast from the past. Relive your childhood through the magic of streaming video; it's healthy.