Sunday, June 24, 2007

Listen To The Roar

[Thunder: props to the Deviant Art website for the awesome character remix image]
Written by GL

At the moment, I am on a real theme song roll. Theme songs were what made any of those cartoons we used to watch cooler than usual, and it's the themes that usually help to re-create the moments when we actually watched it.

But, themes were not only limited to openings and ending credit - themes were also by character, and this was even cooler. And just so I get to put my two-cents in, one of the coolest themes to me was Tygra's from the Thundercats. For, as soon as the theme started, you knew Tygra was going to make an appearance; it was signature, baby.

[Tygra: no one is allowed to touch his lollipop]

Because Classic Articulation cannot share anything more with you, dear reader, than information, we try to compensate by offering you an alternative to expanding your interests (which are, hopefully, similar to ours).

If you're looking for the coolest themes from the Thundercats, a fella named Cheezey has taken time out to rip songs from the cartoon, from his old VHS tapes, for your free downloading pleasure. Remember, these are ripped from VHS so don't expect HD quality.

So, if you're looking for sound-bites of Mumm-ra growling, or Snarf snarfing, or Cheetara squeezing into her bathing-suit (not really, you yellow-mind knobs), then head over to:

Cheezey's Thundercats Zone: Wacky T-Cat Sounds