Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Goodbye, Dear Wallet

[Grimlock In Mint: buy, buy, buy!]
Written by GL

Look at the above in pure wonder and disgust - disgust at the fact that you may never be able to own a piece of art such as this. In the off-chance that you (in all your misguided insanity) may decide to take the credit jump into higher purchasing, you will only even be able to peer at it through it's tiny plastic window. Never touching, never caressing. Forever looking.

In any case, here it is; just discovered on the net today - Grimlock in near mint condition, never opened, never transformed, in the original packaging. Is it wrong for a man to drool at a toy?

I was surfing for stuff about the most recent Perceptor fan-article when I discovered an American (why is it always in the States? why is it never a location nearby enough for B$10 shipping) website that's offering vintage, vintage stuff - near mint, and in packaging - at prices so atmospheric that birds can't even fly so high. The stuff for sale isn't limited to Transformers. They carry a whole bunch of other stuff as well.

For a 'look-but-no-touch' browse of cool, retro stuff (just to pass the time) in their original forms, check out:

Final Frontier Toys

And just so you know, that Grimlock pictured above is going for US$1,295 or just under B$2,000. Not even birds fly so high. Not even birds, y'all.