Thursday, June 7, 2007

25th Anniversary For Real American Heroes

[G.I. Joe Lineup: the characters on offer]
Written by GL

Nobody know how long those dastardly evil-doers and the valiant American heroes have been fighting for. It almost seems that they've been at each other's throats forever. I mean, it seems that from first time I ever understood the concept of TV, the Joes and the Cobras have been trying to off each other.

25 years down the line, they're still at it. The huge corporation of Hasbro, for the 25th Anniversary special re-release of G.I. Joe, have put all-new, re-vamped and re-fixed characters back on the market - like a form of nostalgia.

Hasbro is going to re-release 25 different characters in honor of the long-running years. The first 11 characters are displayed above. And, in keeping with tradition, the figures will still be 3 3/4 inches tall (just like in the old days).

Collectors may not give that much praise to this Hasbro revival due to the fact that the 25th Anniversary figures will keep very little likeness of the Joe figures of the past - meaning to say, they'll be more detailed with newer articulation points (i.e. different). Collectors might want to keep an eye out for variant figures as well - with this release are two versions of Snake-Eyes, two versions of Cobra Commander and two versions of Storm Shadow.

[Snake Eyes: check out the two variants of your favorite silent killer]

I'll say now: I want these action figures. I love G.I. Joe and I remember having enough Joes to fill a fish tank - and I wish I had been smart enough to keep them. I am almost tempted to take the next flight to Singapore to hit up Toys R Us just for these.

If you're into G.I. Joes, then don't let these little opportunities slip by.