Monday, May 28, 2007

Welcome, True Believers

Welcome friends to Classic Articulation; a site for all Bruneian fans of collectibles, cartoons and craziness from those bygone days when toys were toys and television was considered bad for your mind.

Kal-el and I have once again decided to fulfill our passion for action figures by bringing to you this website: Classic Articulation allows us, and hopefully you guys out there too, to re-live the good old days of the 1980's, by showcasing all the cool stuff we love to remember. We hope you still remember and love all that old stuff too.

Classic Articulation is a blog for those who would look at an old Takara original of Optimus Prime and think, 'Man! I wish I still kept it', or for those who would go back, even now, to watch an old episode of Sliverhawks and still think, 'I love this show!'

As a teaser of upcoming blog entries, you can hope to find stuff about: Transformers (Generation 1), Visionaries, He-Man & The Masters of The Universe, Centurions, Silverhawks, Thundercats, Captain Power & The Soldiers of the Future, G. I. Joe, and much more. The era was just so big and there is so much stuff to cover.

What a great time it was.

So, check back often, friends. And don't hesitate to tag us about classic stuff you remember.